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Chitu Cristian

Personal Information :
         Marital status: Single
           Age: 24
           Place of Birth: Constanta

Education :

          1990 - 1994 Mircea cel BatrÓn High School Constanta
          1994 - 1998 Academy of Economics Studies, Faculty of 

                             Finance,Insurance, Banks and Stock Exchange.
          1995 Stock Exchange Course (lecturer Virgil Anastasiu)
          1996 Booz Allan & Hamilton Courses


Work experience :


            1995, June-July Practice in White & DMC SRL Constanta- junior 

           1996, June-July Practice in Romanian Commercial Bank Constanta

                       Duties :credit analyses
           1997, June-July Practice in Fininvest SVM Constanta-financial analyst

                         Duties : equity valuation;fundamental,technical and statistical 


Personal Skills:

            PC knowledge : Windows'98, Microsoft Office 2000 (Word, Excel, 

            Power Point),MetaStock,Corel Draw 8.0, Internet Browsing, Visual  

            Basic for Aplication,HTML,Java Script

            Driving license : B (since 1995)

            Military service : Fulfiled

            Languages English , German - beginner

Interests and activities:

             Capital Markets, Stock Exchange, Financial Analysis
             Graduation Project : Valuation of stocks and bonds on the stock market


             Computer, Music, Sport (Football, Tennis), Science-Fiction Books


Last update 12.07.1999, Bucharest